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Design Ideas For Mezzanine Flooring

The addition of mezzanine flooring is a versatile and innovative way to maximise space in various settings, offering a multi-level solution that improves functionality and aesthetics. Holl & Holl Installations has over 30 years of experience designing and fitting mezzanines, exploring inventive ideas tailored specifically for retail spaces, offices, warehouses and restaurants.

Mezzanine Flooring Design Features

Guard Rails
Selecting glass panels as part of your guard rail creates a modern feel and draws the eye upwards. In retail spaces, the transparent design highlights product displays; in restaurants, additional seating areas may be promoted. Conversely, using an opaque material between the handrail and floor creates a more private experience for upstairs diners or workers in office settings. Mezzanine flooring in warehouses or factories requires a sturdy steel handrail and kick plate to ensure equipment cannot fall to the lower level.

Exposed Steel Frame
Incorporating steel frames in mezzanine designs not only provides structural integrity but also adds an industrial and modern look. Consider open-framework designs to maintain visibility and create a contemporary feel in retail and office spaces. Robust steel structures can withstand heavy loads, creating ideal spaces for product storage or housing equipment in warehouses.

Steel flooring is the most common option in warehouses and industrial buildings. The material offers strong resistance to foot traffic, making it low-maintenance and long-lasting. Concrete flooring is also durable but only suitable for permanent mezzanine structures. Wooden mezzanine flooring creates a more elegant and refined aesthetic, making it an appropriate choice for retail spaces, offices and restaurants. Wood adds warmth and character, whilst remaining hard-wearing and easy to clean.

High-intensity LED lighting helps to illuminate larger spaces, providing adequate lighting in warehouses. Motion-sensor lighting can enhance energy efficiency, ensuring areas are only well-lit when needed. Track lighting, pendant lights and LED strips can highlight product displays in retail settings or provide an eye-catching focal point in bars and restaurants.

In retail spaces, your mezzanine level can be designed with shelving units or display cases in mind. Additional stock can be stored in hidden compartments to maintain a clean and organised environment. Warehouses primarily serve as storage solutions. Install pallet racking systems or heavy-duty shelving to maximise vertical storage space and incorporate conveyors or lifts for efficient material handling.

Spiral stair designs create a dramatic centrepiece in restaurants and retail spaces. Integrate under-stair seating or storage to optimise space. In factories and warehouses, non-slip treads are a must to meet health and safety standards. If you’re installing a mezzanine level in your office, choose stairs that align with your existing office. Wood or carpet can soften the industrial look of mezzanine flooring, making it more in keeping with your current aesthetic.

Get In Touch With Holl & Holl

Holl & Holl Installations can provide you with a mezzanine flooring solution that redefines the spatial dynamics of your building. Our team has worked across a variety of settings, creating bespoke designs that transform spaces into functional and visually captivating workplaces. Our high standards and attention to detail ensure that we consistently deliver mezzanines that exceed clients’ expectations. Trust us to elevate your space by maximising square footage and adding a touch of architectural charm.

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