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Include Mezzanine Flooring In Your Office Refurbishment

When it comes to office refurbishment, there are countless reconfigurations and design options to consider. One of the most versatile features is mezzanine flooring, maximising your usable space without the need to extend or move premises. Holl & Holl Installations are one of the leading installers of mezzanines in the Midlands, enabling you to use a single company for your office remodel, even when adding an additional floor. We’ll oversee your entire project, including design, building regulations documentation, ordering materials, installation, electrical work and plumbing.

How To Use A Mezzanine Floor In Your Office

Mezzanine flooring offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional construction, enabling your business to expand without the need for extensive renovation. The structures are modular and adaptable, allowing for further office refurbishment, if necessary, in the future. Your additional level can be used for many purposes, such as supplementary office space, dedicated meeting rooms, storage, a showroom, or training areas. The extra room your mezzanine affords can contribute to improved workflow and collaboration between employees.

Office Refurbishment Specialists

Although we specialise in mezzanine flooring, Holl & Holl Installations has over 30 years experience in office refurbishment. During a site visit, your designer will discuss your business needs, what works and doesn’t work with your current layout and how you envisage your office moving forward. We’ll use our knowledge and expertise to advise you on the most suitable design features to give your space a fit-for-purpose corporate makeover.

Office Partitions
The use of office partitions allows you to reimagine the structure and layout of your office. Delineating private workspaces, collaborative areas and storage, privacy is increased and noise levels reduced. Partition sections are easily dismantled should you wish to reconfigure your space or relocate. Glass panels create a contemporary, stylish aesthetic and can be custom-printed with your company’s name or logo for a truly unique design.

Suspended Ceilings
Hide unsightly electrical wires, plumbing, HVAC units and audio visual equipment underneath a suspended ceiling. This office refurbishment solution enhances the overall visual appeal of your space whilst also helping to reduce noise transmission between floors and rooms. Mineral fibre suspended ceilings are fire resistant and their insulation properties help your space to maintain a consistent, comfortable temperature.

Commercial Washrooms
We will tailor your commercial washroom to your office needs, ensuring there are disabled facilities and the space caters for multiple occupants. Our designers balance function and aesthetics, creating sleek, high-quality bathrooms that are easy to clean, maintaining hygiene levels.

Contact Holl & Holl Installations

Holl & Holl Installations is a family-run company with over 30 years in the industry. Our office refurbishment solutions have helped hundreds of businesses streamline their operations and update their space to feel more contemporary and welcoming. Whether you’re looking to make the most out of limited property space, or you’re a multi-officed, national operation seeking to revamp your entire group, we provide tailored designs to suit your requirements. We work with established manufacturers who supply quality materials and products to ensure that your office is completed to the highest standard. Holl & Holl Installations will manage your project from start to finish, allowing you to focus on your business.

Call 024 7792 0614 or email info@hollinstallations.co.uk to discuss your refurbishment and arrange a site visit. Download our brochure or browse our website to learn more about our services.

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