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Free Up Warehouse Space For Your Online Business

Do you have an online business that has grown in the last couple of years and now you find yourself short on warehouse space? We’re going to look at why this may have happened, some of the issues you might be facing and a practical solution to help you manage this increase in business for a smoother workflow!

The Shift From High Street To Online

Retail trade has suffered in recent years, mainly due to the effects of the pandemic, when for most of 2020, shops weren’t allowed to open unless there were selling essential items. Though shops could open as normal for the best part of 2021, that year saw 11,000 retail stores close as the shift in online shopping became more of a habit, rather than a necessity.

This is good news for you if you own an online business that uses a warehouse space, though with rising demand comes the challenge of meeting that demand. You may find that the location that you have isn’t big enough to stock all your products or that it’s become increasingly challenging to arrange or group products together, so they are easy to find when picking and packing. If your warehouse is cramped then this could also create several issues, in terms of not only adversely impacting productivity and possible damage to stock and/or vehicles but also when it comes to the safety of your employees.

The Rise In Cost of Buying And Renting Warehouse Space

Warehouse space is now at a premium, due to the increased demand for it from online businesses, as they have all seen growth. This makes renting or buying new premises a costly choice and even if you could find alternative premises at a price that’s not too inflated it could mean relocating your business and employees to a different, more remote area, which could pose further challenges.

Instead of moving your operation, why not create more room and flexibility by installing a mezzanine floor?

The Mezzanine Floor As A Practical Solution 

A mezzanine floor is an intermediate floor built between the floor and ceiling of a building. In the setting of warehouse space, it can make use of the vertical ‘dead space’ available, providing additional room above and below. It’s an ideal solution if you want to make the most of the location you have, without moving premises or expanding the building, which would require planning permission and much more effort!

If you’re thinking of where to start on your mezzanine project, then we hope you’ll consider partnering up with Holl & Holl Installations. We’ve been operating for over 30 years and our experience and knowledge will help to design and deliver a bespoke and tailor-made solution that makes the best use of the existing warehouse space that you have to work with.

Get In Touch

You can contact us by calling 024 77920614 to arrange a visit from us, or to discuss your initial mezzanine floor requirements. Alternatively, you can email us at info@hollinstallations.co.uk or fill in a contact form on our website.

We strive to make sure we offer the best service, a fact that can be verified by reading the reviews of our satisfied customers!

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