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Restructure Your Warehouse Interior With Holl Installations

At Holl Installations we cater to a wealth of working environments, creating the most effective and efficient space in which to do the job. Although we often refurbish offices, our mezzanine floors and partition walls also have industrial applications, crafted specifically for the challenges of a more hands-on environment. Scroll through our selection of installations to see how we can help reorganise your warehouse interior to maximise space and productivity.

Make The Most Of Your Warehouse Interior With A Mezzanine Floor

Create a brand new level by installing a mezzanine, an intermediate floor that makes the most of what was once just empty space. This section offers new opportunities for production and storage whilst providing the space in which to do it safely. Without an extra level, our clients often feel the need to uproot their growing operations, but our practical solutions provide the room needed for a burgeoning number of employees and ambitious projects. 

For industrial mezzanine floors, we offer special safety features, including fire protection, barriers and multiple levels, while the floor itself will be reinforced with our exceptionally strong steel, capable of withstanding any heavy load. By corresponding with you throughout the design and installation process, we can adapt your warehouse interior to suit the practical ins and outs of your enterprise.

Add Partitions Or Suspended Ceilings 

Alongside our speciality, mezzanine floors, we also install partitions and suspended ceilings to optimise and improve the space. 

By adding a suspended ceiling, you can reduce the risk of a fire sweeping through your premises, improve efficiency and create a less utilitarian space. You can choose a metal ceiling which is either exposed or concealed, a highly practical and robust solution which can hide cables and piping. This may seem a more intuitive choice for a warehouse interior, but the alternative, a ceiling system made from mineral fibre, improves energy efficiency, boasts fire resistant properties and suggests a pleasant, contemporary workspace. 

Should your warehouse also include an office or a boardroom, somewhere the noise and endless bustle give way to more traditional business activity, an attractive aluminium framed or full glass partition can create a quiet, modern space sealed away from the general noise, especially when coupled with an efficient and appealing mineral fibre ceiling. However, we also provide flexible and modular industrial partitions ideal for a warehouse interior. Single or double skin, able to accommodate sliding doors and with panels available in full steel or a mixture of steel and mesh or steel and glass, our selection can provide you with the ideal divider for the space. 

Tailoring Your Warehouse Interior

At Holl Installations we confer with you at every stage of the process, involving you with the design and planning stages of your project so we can adapt to the specific requirements of the business, your personal preferences and the practical considerations of the space. Afterwards, you are free to be involved as much or as little as you wish, as we begin the installation process armed with over 30 years of experience and skill. We will complete the work on time, within budget and with minimal disruption.

Flip through the reviews of some of our satisfied customers to be assured of our first-class service!

Get In Touch

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