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Why You Should Consider A Closed Office In The New World Of The Virtual Office

With remote working really taking off in the last three years, many companies have chosen to adopt new ways of operating rather than using an office space. As part of this approach, the virtual office has seen a rise in popularity as it gives a business the kudos of a physical address, while allowing employees to work remotely. But is it an ideal set-up for your business, or can you benefit from a closed office?

What Are The Pros of a Virtual Office?

With a virtual office you can save on the overheads of a physical premises, while appearing to be running a business from a prestigious location, such as central London. Companies sell packages that include mail forwarding, a customer support desk, and suites of other services, to give the illusion that you are operating from a physical location while supporting your day to day admin. A virtual office means there’s no rent or lease payments involved, no IT hardware costs, no cleaners to pay, and it eliminates commuting time for your employees and you, saving on time as well as travel costs. Web-based office productivity software and services, like Zoom and Slack, mean that employees can communicate effectively, hold meetings and collaborate on projects while being in different locations.

And The Cons…

There are some complex administrative issues that operating as a virtual office can have. For example, if you try to use a virtual office address for tax registration, the HMRC will return the form to you for correction. Also, if you issue VAT invoices, you can’t include a virtual address on them — you must instead include the address you are registered under.

Though, perhaps, the biggest con is that operating in a virtual office environment can lead to a feeling of isolation for many employees. A survey by the Royal Society For Public Health revealed that 67% of respondents said they felt less connected to their colleagues.

For many, remote working has made them realise the benefits of working without the distractions of an open office. To strike a balance between peace at work and a feeling of connection between your employees, maybe it’s time to plan a transformation of your work space into a closed office.

What Are Closed Offices?

Closed offices are what some people would consider a traditional office set-up, where stud walls and office partitions are used to create separate working areas. They’re often overlooked and regarded as a bit old fashioned, though they have their benefits over both the open office and the virtual office.

A closed office allows great flexibility, supporting both individual and team working by using fixed walls and screens to create separate offices for every team or employee. This type of office can also support each department within the company by offering separate rooms and providing each team member with their own space. The closed office offers employees a quieter space to work in and offers more privacy and less distracting noise than the busy open office environment.

Planning Your Closed Office Workspace With Holl & Holl Installations

If you are looking to move away from a virtual office, to get a physical home for your business that works for you and your employees, Holl & Holl Installations can help you to plan, design and create a closed office space. We have over 30 years’ experience in helping businesses to redefine their work environment with our office refurbishment services, which include office partitions, and our speciality: mezzanine floors.

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