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Maximise Privacy, Productivity And Potential With Office Partitions

Office partitions are a common sight, from floor to ceiling walls creating meeting rooms or small glass sheets forming individual work booths. At Holl Installations we install a variety of partitions to improve the style and functionality of your workplace, optimising the talent and productivity of your employees. 

The Popularity Of Office Partitions

Office partitions are incredibly popular – they are a cost-effective way of creating a space in which an employee can work without distraction, but pop up to ask a question without leaving their booth. Office partitions are a wise choice for large rooms packed with employees, especially if you’re looking for a way to encourage people back into the workplace after the pandemic – these physical barriers protect your workers from infections and make them feel safe. 

Office partitions can also create whole extra rooms without having to change the internal structure of the building. With these walls, meetings and conference calls can be held in complete privacy without any distractions. There is also the possibility of stylish new branding that ensures your privacy and boosts your company profile!

Aluminium Or Glass? Different Office Partitions At Holl Installations

If you’re looking to introduce office partitions but want something quick and easy to install, we recommend our aluminium framed composite partitions, which are finished with vinyl or laminate wall covering. Timber doors can be inserted or integral blinds added to ensure complete privacy for all occupants. These products can be swiftly installed and quickly relocated to respond to an ever-changing office environment; they are an efficient and pragmatic way to restructure your workplace. 

Studies suggest that natural light streaming through glass partitions can have a positive impact on employees’ morale and increase their productivity. Our frameless glass office partitions can create a light-filled space, signifying modernity and encouraging positivity. In addition, we can brand the glass with your company logo and all the relevant imagery for maximum privacy and professionalism!

Creating New Walls

Our third option, jumbo wall partitioning, allows you to create new rooms across a whole floor. This product can reach up to 12m in height and consists of a single or double layer of plasterboard in which to conceal electrical cables and insulative material. This large wall option is a very attractive choice for more industrial workspaces, as are our industrial steel partitions which are perfect for harsher environments such as warehouses, factories or shop floors. However, offices can also benefit from the fire and sound resistance of our innovative jumbo walls, which are fire resistant to a distance of 4m and sound resistant up to 80db! 

Holl Installations

We strive to make our customers feel involved throughout our installations, talking them through all the different aspects of the operation, but we also execute the job with flawless professionalism from start to finish, whether that’s the simplest aluminium partition to the most cumbersome mezzanine floor. Flip through reviews from our satisfied customers to be assured of our first-class service!

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