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Future-Proof Your Distribution Space With A Mezzanine Floor

There’s no doubt that the UK distribution industry is showing no signs of slowing, with a forecast that the Compound Annual Growth Rate of this sector is estimated to rise by 7% over the next five years. Competition is already fierce for both direct-to-consumer distributors as well as outsourced fulfillment centres, so to accommodate the anticipated growth within your existing distribution space, the sensible option for your business is to install a mezzanine floor from Holl & Holl Installations.

The Only Way Is Up

In many warehouses, vertical space often lies as an untapped resource. This dead space can be best utilized by the installation of a mezzanine floor system. Though often seen as a single floored installation, mezzanines can be multiple tiered floors, providing one or more intermediate levels between the ground floor and your warehouse roof. Constructed from steel, with optional safety features such as safety barriers and fire protection, our industrial mezzanines provide a stable, load-bearing surface for the storage of goods and to house manufacturing equipment. We can also provide mezzanines that offer bespoke office and meeting room space, and staff facilities like commercial washrooms.

See Quick ROI On Your Mezzanine Floor

For any outlay, you’ll want to see a quick return on investment, and this goes for any spend, not just the money you allocate to your marketing and advertising budget. So, how will you see quick ROI on a mezzanine floor? Uprooting your entire business would be a costly and disruptive process. By installing a mezzanine floor, you’ll be increasing your capacity to make more profit at a time when every square metre counts. A warehouse mezzanine is the perfect solution when your business is scaling, when you need more space and you need it quick!

Legal Aspects

When planning a mezzanine floor, you need to be aware of the legal elements. Warehouse mezzanines are subject to the ‘Raised Storage Areas’ section of the Building Regulations 2018. Fortunately, mezzanine floor regulations in the UK are not as demanding as you might think and, in most cases, only building regulations approval is required.
If you are altering a building, then planning permission may be required. However, this is very rare as, in the majority of installations, warehouse mezzanines are considered a freestanding and temporary structure.

Planning Your Mezzanine With Holl & Holl Installations

From help with legal aspects, to planning, designing, creating and installing your mezzanine floor, you can count on Holl & Holl Installations. We have over 30 years’ experience in helping businesses to adapt their work environments for profitability and comfort, which also includes our bespoke office refurbishment services.

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