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How Can A Mezzanine Floor Benefit Your Business?

No matter what your area of expertise, growing your business can be an immensely rewarding experience and a real signifier of all of your hard work. 

Yet, one of the things that most business owners struggle with when expanding is how to adapt their operations in the face of growing demand and whether or not to make the costly decision to relocate to different premises as a means of acquiring a larger office, warehouse or production space. 

It’s for this reason that we specialise in all manner of workplace refurbishment solutions and have spent the last 30 years building a reputation as a family-run business that you can trust. Of all the outstanding services that we offer, our mezzanine floors are certainly amongst the most popular and have proven to act as a valuable addition to growing businesses who plan on staying where they are for the foreseeable future.

What is a mezzanine floor?

Positioned between the ceiling and the ground, a mezzanine floor is a custom-built platform that is often constructed to help businesses and workplaces make the best use of the unoccupied space that sits above head height. Construction-wise, these are usually made of aluminium, fibreglass and steel and can come fitted with a plethora of safety, design and storage features. 

As semi-permanent structures, mezzanine floors won’t necessarily cover entire floor spaces but will nevertheless provide those in need with an additional level on which to build new facilities, store products or house essential machinery. 

What can a mezzanine floor do for you?

Every business has different needs and these can often be influenced by the industry in which they operate, the projects they’re currently involved in and where they see themselves in the coming years. As such, a mezzanine floor can fulfil a host of tasks in any type of business, including those based in a warehouse, retail or office environments. 

In terms of warehouses, a mezzanine floor can be used to hold a large quantity of stock, freeing up space on the floor and providing a home to products that otherwise wouldn’t be stored appropriately. 

Warehouses that employ conveyor belts can often struggle to accommodate such space-sapping systems and this can have a drastic impact on productivity. Mezzanine floors can therefore help shoulder the weight of these machines and are well known for their ability to support very heavy loads. 

Elsewhere, mezzanine floors can be beneficial to retail outlets for a number of reasons and are often hugely important to the success of both well-established brands and smaller, local businesses in physical settings. With the addition of a mezzanine floor, retailers can gain valuable storage space and always keep their products within close reach. In this kind of environment, mezzanine floors can also be used as an extra floor in which to display more stock or as somewhere to base facilities such as cafés and toilets. 

Office expansions can also become so much easier by deciding to invest in a mezzanine floor. When built above existing areas of work, mezzanine floors can really add that little bit extra and will provide both managers and employees with a new space in which to complete their daily duties, take phone calls or conduct those all-important meetings without the need to find a bigger place of work.

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