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Overcoming Hybrid Working Challenges

Shifts in working habits over the last three years have seen hybrid working become commonplace for the majority of businesses, with most employees now splitting their work hours between home and the office.
When employees are working from the office, it has become clear that this way of working was never a strategy that companies planned for in terms of workspace design. You might find that your old office layout just isn’t working for your employees in 2023.
With that in mind and the beginning of the new year upon us, now is the perfect time to rethink your workspace design! Working in collaboration with you, Holl & Holl Installations can help you to plan, design and create a workspace that will help you to navigate the challenges of hybrid working culture, as well as offering the flexibility to meet any challenges that are yet to come.

Condensing Your Workspace for Better Hybrid Working

The aim of redesigning your workspace is to create a working environment where your employees can be more focused and productive. A major part of this is making the best use of the space that you have. With only a proportion of your employees in the office on any given day, the space may feel empty and uninspiring as workers might be spread out across a large area.
By reducing the number of desks and bringing workstations closer, you’ll create a more vibrant and productive atmosphere. It can also help if different departments are sat nearer each other, as it increases your employees’ understanding of the role of other departments in relation to their own. Another benefit is that queries can be resolved with ease, while also encouraging the development of professional relationships.
There’s an added benefit to condensing your workspace for hybrid working – if you find that you can significantly reduce the footprint of your existing workspace, then you may want to use the opportunity to use this as an additional revenue stream for your business. This can be done by letting the unused space to another business or setting up a coworking space for freelancers.

Creating Different Work Zones

Something that employees will be used to with the hybrid working model is having peace and quiet when working from home. There are times when they might want or need to work undisturbed when in the office, which is why it’s wise to have a separate quiet area where they can do this. You can achieve this by creating an area to work that’s slightly away from the main hub of work or by installing office partitions.

One of the benefits of working from home is being in comfortable and inviting surroundings, which is found to increase productivity. For this reason, you may want to incorporate this aspect into your workspace design. An area with sofas, wall art and artificial plants can help to create this. This area can be used for informal huddles to discuss projects or to help bring a sense of informality to 1-2-1s.

Planning The Transformation Of Your Workspace With Holl & Holl Installations

Holl & Holl Installations have over 30 years of experience in helping businesses to redefine their working environment with our office refurbishment services, which include office partitions and our speciality mezzanine floors.
The first step to making your workspace operate fluidly for hybrid working is to contact us by calling 024 7792 0614. Alternatively, you can email us at info@hollinstallations.co.uk or fill in a contact form on our website.

We strive towards making sure we offer the best service, a fact that can be verified by reading the reviews of our satisfied customers!

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