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Install A Mezzanine Floor to Eliminate Hot-Desking

Hot-desking has become the norm in many office environments as it provides a solution to flexible working. It has become particularly popular in the last two years as businesses have adapted to operate as hybrid workplaces, where employees split work hours between working from home and working in the office itself.

While some prefer this arrangement, you may find your employees prefer to work solely at the office. If you encourage hot-desking just because space in your office is tight, then you may want to enable your employees to work full-time in the office by adding space in the form of a mezzanine floor.

The Negatives Of Hot-Desking

Essentially, hot-desking is a system of office organisation that involves multiple workers using a single physical workstation during different time periods or on different days.
One of the most used justifications for hot-desking is that it encourages collaboration and that it increases interaction between colleagues that you wouldn’t usually encounter. But what if you have a job that requires unbroken concentration? Research shows that, in shared working spaces, there can be more distractions and that negative work relationships are also likely to result from employees not having their own set space to work in.

There are hygiene issues, too, as there is an increased chance of spreading germs from employee to employee through shared surfaces and equipment. Then, there can be a feeling of being unsettled. Employees often want a static workspace that they can call their own and personalise as they wish, which isn’t an option with hot-desking. Carting a laptop and stationery into work isn’t ideal either. If you have many employees and you rely on Hot-Desk Booking Software, some employees might have issues with getting to grips with it.

The accumulation of these factors can lead to stress at work. A mezzanine floor from Holl & Holl Installations is an ideal solution to create adequate space for all your employees, so that you can eliminate hot-desking.

Why Choose Holl & Holl Installations?

At Holl & Holl Installations, we’re experts at designing and delivering bespoke mezzanine floors for offices. Our knowledge and expertise allow us to efficiently and effectively work with you to plan and install a mezzanine floor that is tailored to your individual business and your requirements.

Involving you in the design and planning of your mezzanine floor means the entire process runs as smoothly as possible. We aim to complete your project to the highest possible professional standards, on time and within budget.

Get in Touch

You can contact us by calling 024 7792 0614 to arrange a visit from us or to discuss your initial mezzanine floor requirements. Alternatively, you can email us at info@hollinstallations.co.uk or fill in a contact form on our website. If you’re coming to see us in person, you can find us using the map on 192.com

We strive towards making sure we offer the best service, a fact that can be verified by reading the reviews of our satisfied customers!

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