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Mezzanine Floors

Providing a superior flooring solution for business premises such as offices, warehouses and factories in order to maximise space and productivity, mezzanine floors are an understandably desirable addition to many different environments, domestic houses included.

Allowing the environment to expand within its own premises, mezzanine floors deliver valuable extra space at a fraction of the cost of finding a new premises. The space afforded by these cost-effective solutions can be utilised in a whole host of ways. 

What is a mezzanine floor?

Open to the floor below, a mezzanine floor is a raised platform – often referred to as an intermediate floor – which can be tailored to its environment and provide many flexible uses.

These semi-permanent structures can be installed with many different features – perhaps a strong steel mezzanine floor is required or maybe even stylish glass or an enclosed office space.  

What are the benefits of a mezzanine floor?

Extra space, more storage and an expanded production area are some of the numerous benefits that businesses based in offices, warehouses and factories can expect with the installation of a mezzanine floor. Mezzanine floors offer a practical, cost-effective, hassle-free and energy-efficient solution – and one that’s not only aesthetically pleasing but also incredibly flexible.

Practical – a very cost-effective alternative to moving premises.

Energy-efficient – allowing the circulation of warm air through the additional space.

Flexible – mezzanine floors offer complete flexibility.

When installed in a domestic house, providing the ceiling is high enough, the vast array of possibilities can really get your imagination going.

Holl & Holl Installations

Always working to the very highest of standards, we are a family-run business who have specialised in supplying and installing mezzanine floors to a whole host of environments for over 30 years. 

Get the mezzanine floor to suit you individual premises with the expert services of Holl & Holl Installations. Our consistently outstanding work, first-class customer service and promise of complete satisfaction with the finished job make us the trusted business that we are, providing all of our customers with confidence and peace of mind.

We will tailor your mezzanine floor to its environment and your individual requirements and all works will be completed to our high standards, efficiently and with minimal disruption.

For any further information regarding mezzanine floors and the fantastic services that we are proud to provide, call us on 024 7792 0614 or email info@www.hollinstallations.co.uk.

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